Focus On What You Do Best & Delegate The Rest.

Focus On What You Do Best. Delegate The Rest.

Quick update on what I’m working on and hopefully some lessons you can apply to your own projects!

First up, the re-design of the website for The UX Notebook. This week I did some quick feedback sessions with readers of this weekly newsletter as well as some other people in the UX industry. I wanted to get some fresh eyes on the project so that I could make sure I wasn’t stuck in a silo.

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Why you must validate your product idea & not build too fast

Don't Get Caught Up In Building. Validate Your Idea First.

How do you validate your idea? What happens when you don’t validate your idea?

A friend of mine works in sales and has been watching me slowly venture into the world of online courses. While at lunch a few days ago he said that he wants to start doing online courses as well. I immediately blurted out, “you have no idea how much work it is”.

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