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Virtual & In Person Workshops With Sarah Doody

My live and online workshops provide hands-on skills & strategies that teams and individuals can apply to their roles and careers immediately.

I’ve been speaking since 2012 and I take it seriously! Whether you’re putting on a conference or in house event, your attendees deserve an awesome experience.

A talk or workshop is a product, and I design every talk and workshop with the attendee experience in mind.

Faced with the challenge of fading attention spans, everything I do is designed to keep the audience engaged. I weave together storytelling, case studies, process, inspiration and passion with the goal of driving people to action.

I am available for talks and workshops worldwide whether in person or online.

“She engaged with our 500 plus audience in a way that was both entertaining and instructive, having the highest NPS from our post-event feedback form.

– André Marquet, Productized Lisbon Organizer

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Storyboarding In Product Development

Learn how to avoid costly mistakes that occur when team members don’t share a common understanding of the product story.

Storyboarding helps teams establish a clear product vision early in the product design process, thereby reducing common problems of delayed launches and budget creep.

Available as a half-day workshop for conferences and companies.



Rapid Research For Product People

How can you make smart decisions for your product if you don’t understand your users?

Learn how to get buy-in for and do more research, even if “research” is not in your job title. In this workshop, you’ll practice doing user research by partnering up and doing customer interviews and usability tests.

* Available as a half and full-day workshop for conferences and companies


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Creating a Cadence & Culture of Research

The only way to equip your team with the information to make the best decisions is to do ongoing research.

Creating a culture of research is crucial for product teams. ks of “re-work”. In order to create a cadence of research, it must be a part of your culture. Learn how to plan, conduct, and evangelize quarterly research on your team.

* Available as a half and full-day workshop for conferences and companies.


My UX talks and workshops have received some of the highest ratings and positive feedback from UX conference organizers and attendees.

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“Sarah’s Let’s Put the User Back in UX talk was one of the highest rated talks at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference in 2019. It was equal parts informative and actionable — all while keeping every attendee completely engaged.

Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to book Sarah at your next product/UX/technology conference Do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to book Sarah at your next product / UX / technology conference.

–  Mike Belsito, INDUSTRY Organizer

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“In her talk at the Productized Conference 2019, in Lisbon, Sarah Doody showed some examples to define the difference between Anticipatory and Automated Design.

She engaged with our 500 plus audience in a way that was both entertaining and instructive, having the highest NPS from our post-event feedback form.”

–  André Marquet, Productized Organizer

UX Longon

“Sarah is a great storyteller, a confident speaker and a delight to work with. From an organisers perspective she’s super responsive and professional, delivering everything we requested and more.

From an attendee point of view, she’s great at unpacking complex concepts in an engaging way, makes time for audience members, and is very “present” at the event. Exactly what you’d want from an experienced speaker. As such I’ve already recommended her to other events and will continue to do so.”

–  Andy Budd, UX London Organizer

Here’s what UX conference and workshop attendees have to say about my work

“I made my first product storyboard and I understand the problem 1,000% better. Thanks for an inspiring workshop.”

Tom D
Workshop: Storyboarding In Product Development

“Your workshop couldn’t have come in a better time. This week we conducted our first round of usability tests and interviews. And of course, I used some of the insights that I got during your workshop.”

Pedro V
Workshop: Rapid Research

“I really liked how the activities allowed us to workshop from our own perspective and on our own product. The take-home tools and resources were great too.”

Workshop: Creating A Culture Of Research

Interesting in having Sarah Doody run a workshop at your conference, event, company, or educational institution?

I’m available for in-person and remote speaking and workshops. Please contact me and provide as much detail about your event as possible.