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I’ve taught thousands of people at workshops around the world and online. Now you can learn UX from me on your schedule, from wherever you are in the world.


User Research Mastery - Sarah DoodyIf you’re not talking to your users, you’re not doing UX.
Sure, there are resources about user research all over the Internet. User Research Mastery puts everything in one place. After this course, you’ll make smarter UX decisions based on what people actually want.

Do More User Research


UX Portfolio FormulaLet me tell you a little secret … you’re overthinking your UX portfolio.
There’s a phrase, “you are your own worst client” and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to creating your UX portfolio. Every time you sit down to work on it, you end up not making any progress. After the course, you’ll have the framework and templates you need to finally finish your UX portfolio, and be proud of it.

Create Your UX Portfolio


A portfolio gets you in the door, but your interview skills will help you get hired. 
It’s great to have a portfolio, but you also must be ready to present those projects, have a conversation about them. In UX Interview Prep In A Weekend you will learn what to ask, questions you should be ready to answer, how to be prepared for design exercises / challenges and what you can do to get more strategic about your job search so you can get hired faster.

Prepare For Your Interview