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Sarah Doody is a user experience designer, product consultant, and writer.

Sarah Doody is passionate about helping companies use the power of storytelling to create products that help solve real problems. She is determined to help teams shift their focus from products to people. Sarah specializes in both product and brand development and is passionate about working with companies to help turn their ideas into thoughtful product experiences.

She is known for her hard working attitude, vibrant enthusiasm, and dedication to solving problems. She understands that the best solutions come from an intimate understanding of the problem. She isn’t afraid to ask why, and will keep asking until she finds the answer.

Sarah has worked with Fortune 500 companies, successful start-ups, and non-profits to help them create unique brand identities and engaging experiences. She recently co-developed and taught a 12 week user experience design curriculum for General Assembly’s education program. Sarah also writes for UX Magazine.

Sarah is currently studying the idea of what she calls Personal Metrics – understanding how measured feedback can equip people with information that causes them to change their lifestyle and behavior.

Sarah attended the University of Texas and graduated from Athabasca University (located in Canada) with a Bachelor’s of Management, Marketing Major.

Sarah Doody, UX Designer


Favorite sport #1
Skiing (top speed, 46.5 mph at Big Sky!!!!)

Favorite sport #2
Running (1/2 marathons)

I’d like to have lunch with
Hillman Curtis (RIP 04-18-12)

When no one’s looking
30 second dance party

Wine & cheese

First real job
Taught piano lessons in high school

Size of high school graduating class

I never dreamed I would
Live in New York City

One day I will
Have a garden

What doesn’t kill you
Makes you appreciate what you have