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I’m Sarah Doody, a UX Researcher, Experience Designer & Founder.

Here are 3 ways I can help you or your team.

Online UX Courses

On-demand UX courses to advance your skills and UX career. Each course includes interactive templates, worksheets, and more to help you take action immediately.

UX Audit For Your Product

A detailed screen-by-screen analysis of your product with actionable recommendations for how to improve metrics including conversions, engagement, and more.

Custom UX Projects

Need a prototype for your product? Want to do a research project to understand your market or customers? Or need a second opinion? Let’s chat.

In 2017 I founded The UX Portfolio Formula a UX career accelerator to help UX professionals create their portfolio, prepare for interviews, get their dream role.


UX professionals enrolled worldwide from all career stages & disciplines in UX and Product Development.


combined salaries of people hired in 2020 after doing The UX Portfolio Formula program.


average salary increase. Our clients have been hired at Home Depot, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and many more.

Hello! I’m Sarah Doody, a UX Design & Research Consultant, Founder, Writer, and Speaker based in Salt Lake City, UT.

I give product development talks & workshops worldwide that help teams change how they think and work.

I’ve spoken at conferences and delivered workshops around the world on topics including Rapid User Research, Storyboarding In UX, Designing Your Career, and Idea Validation.

Everything I do is all about action. I design my content to have the perfect balance of process, inspiration, and practice.

I am available to speak and deliver full and half-day workshops at conferences and companies worldwide.

Some of the conferences and events I’ve spoken at include:

UX London LogoIndustry ConferenceUXLX Conferece Logo
General AssemblyProduct Council LogoNYC UXPAInVision

“In her talk at the Productized Conference 2019, in Lisbon, Sarah Doody showed some examples to define the difference between Anticipatory and Automated Design.

She engaged with our 500 plus audience in a way that was both entertaining and instructive, having the highest NPS from our post-event feedback form.

– André Marquet, Productized Organizer

Watch my talk Anticipatory Design & The Future of Technology that I gave at the AIGA National Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

My 2020 schedule is filling up fast!

If you’re interested in having me speak or give a workshop for your company or event, email me at


Do you need help with your product or team?

Every product faces the same challenges: attract and converting the right people.

Design is about people, not just pixels. Investing in design leads to more revenue and raving fans who can help grow your business.

To help you attract the right people to your product, I can …

  • Conduct lean research to help you understand your market.
  • Identify an initial go to market MVP strategy for your product.
  • Establish the story of your product and create a homepage that converts.

To help you convert more happy customers, I can …

  • Audit your existing product or prototype.
  • Optimize key user-flows that are directly related to conversions in your product.
  • Rapid prototype new product or feature ideas with you and your team.

Get Help With Your Product

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Accelerate Failure & Get More Insights In To Your Work

28th November 2017 by Sarah Doody

Accelerate failure. It’s a bit opposite from what we’re used to.

Normally, we like to run from failure. We like to do everything we can do to avoid it.

As designers, researchers, product managers, etc. we like to think through everything. We like to take our time, explore our options, and tinker with our ideas.

But what if instead you … accelerated failure?

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Is Trying To Perfect The Tech Stopping You From Launching Your Product?

6th November 2017 by Sarah Doody

I did another experiment last week…

I launched something that wasn’t perfect. But I knew I needed to launch it so I could gather feedback. It was a series of emails. Because I wanted to give the user control, I had a link that people could click if they didn’t want to get those emails any more.

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The Sooner You Launch, The Sooner You’ll Have Feedback

30th October 2017 by Sarah Doody

Here’s a quote I love …

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn once said, “if you’re not embarrassed by your first release, then you launched too late.”

I heard this saying years ago and always share it with my consulting clients. But as with most “sayings” it’s much easier to say than it is to apply.

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