Welcome to the last day of Q1 2017! At the beginning of the year, I encouraged you to set monthly goals. It’s easy to get distracted when you have a big grand vision in mind. I know I easily get paralyzed by the big picture. I see the vision, but then I get overwhelmed with all the different paths I could take to get there.

So how do I manage this? I realized that it’s crucial to set monthly goals. Sure, I have yearly goals. But once I know my yearly goals, I break it down by month.

Why? Because when you create monthly goals, you can easily focus on those mini-steps you need to take to get to the big vision you have.

In January, I set monthly goals for myself and it worked! In January, I finished up the curriculum for my UX Research course and I also began to experiment with YouTube. In February, I focused on landing a few new consulting projects. And in March, I actually launched the course and ended up with 52 students!

If I had just written a goal of “launch the course” it would never have happened because it was too big. It didn’t acknowledge all the smaller steps needed to make it happen.

So this coming week, take some time to think about your big goals for the year (with your team, or for you personally) and then identify one thing you can do each month to get you closer to the goal.

The point isn’t to do something amazing on day one. The point is to get something out there. Why? So that you can tweak and repeat.

For example, if in 2017 you want to develop a personal brand then maybe your mini monthly goals would be to: create a simple website so you can have an online “home base”, join and participate in one social network online that’s relevant to your industry, start writing more to share your knowledge so that people can find you (through your knowledge).

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’re going to launch.