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In Innovation

The Power Of Introverts

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

On 20, Sep 2012 | 2 Comments | In Innovation | By Sarah Doody

When I was in school, in the comments section of every report card, the teacher always wrote that I needed to talk more and contribute to class discussions. I never really understood those comments because it made me think that I needed to change something about my self.

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In Society

TED Tuesday: Graham Hill “Less Stuff, More Happiness”

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

On 19, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Society, TED | By Sarah Doody

I have to admit, lately I’ve found myself on a de-cluttering kick. I’ve been trying to figure out what triggered this new hobby – and my subsequent new weekend ritual of taking bags of stuff to HousingWorks in Tribeca.

When I think about it, it really boils down to wanting a simpler life. With less stuff, comes more time, more freedom, and more space. It’s about having more opportunity to surround yourself with the things and people that matter, creating less physical and mental distractions, and exercising restraint against the ever present addiction we have to consumption as a society. I think that our homes and how we live are a projection of how we approach the rest of our lives. If we don’t recycle and are wasteful at home, it’s likely that we are wasteful with other resources, such as at the office or in relationships. Keep Reading >

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How Personal Metrics Can Change Our Lives

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

America is trapped in a consumption driven lifestyle, and the consequences of our actions are being revealed more now than ever before. Our economy has reached a state of turmoil not seen since the Great Depression. In March 2009, the collective credit card debt of Americans was just over $940 billion. Our nation’s obesity levels have reached ultimate highs with two thirds of adults and one third of children in America are obese. And, we are in the middle of a massive climate crisis. The United States per capital carbon dioxide emissions in 2005 were more than four times greater than China’s and almost fourteen times India’s.

Have we become blind to the consequences of our actions?

There is an eminent need to quantify our behavior and bring more transparency and understanding to the effects that our actions have. Keep Reading >

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