Recently someone asked me what they should consider when creating a mobile UX design for people in developing countries.

Honestly, I hadn’t though about it. Obvious things came to mind such as what device they might be using, what connectivity speeds were like, and what the literacy of the audience was. But, I became curious and after doing some research I discovered some great resources to consider when designing a user experience for people in developing countries.

One of the resources I discovered was this great presentation by Gabriel While who runs a design firm called Small Surfaces. He’s worked in developing countries for the last decade and in his talk for UX Australia 2013, he shares practical tips and examples from projects he’s worked on that are generally aimed at people who live on less than $30 a month.

Gabriel’s talk really opened my mind to how technology can impact the developing world. Our Western worldview causes us to have a lot of preconceived ideas of what the developing world looks like. Gabriel’s talk opened my eyes to how developed some of the developing world is and how innovative they are with their technology use.

If you care about solving problems that matter, then you’re going to love this talk about mobile UX design in developing countries.

You can also listen to the presentation audio here.

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