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Crowd Or Community

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On 03, Oct 2008 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Sarah Doody

I recently read an article by Mark Pesce who is a Sydney, Australia based consultant, writer and lecturer. He runs a consultancy called FutureSt. Mark was a speaker at Web Directions South and gave a great talk called “This, That, and the Other“.

Here’s part of his presentation.

“I’m telling you things I shouldn’t have to tell you. I’m telling you things that you already know. But the other, this laziness, it’s built into our culture. Socially, we have two states of being: community and crowd. A community can collaborate to bring a new mobile carrier into being. A crowd can only gripe about their carrier. And now, as the strict lines between community and crowd get increasingly confused because of the upswing in hyperconnectivity, we behave like crowds when we really ought to be organizing like a community.

The future – for all of us – is the battle over the boundary between the community and the crowd. I am choosing to embrace the community. It seems the right thing to do. And as I walk off-stage here, this afternoon, I want you to remember that each of you holds the keys to the kingdom. Our community is yours to shape as you will. Everything that you do is translated into how we operate as a culture, as a society, as a civilization. It can be a coming together, or it can be a breaking apart. And it’s up to you.”

Unlocking The Value Of A Community