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The State Of Behavioral Targeting

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On 23, Oct 2008 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Sarah Doody

According to Forrester data, 24% of advertisers used behavioral targeting in 2008, 8% more than in 2007. Privacy advocates are concerned that this type of analysis is too invasive. However users don’t seem to mind.

With the rise of social networking activity, users are letting their guards down. In a recent Forrester poll, 29% of respondents said they would prefer to receive appropriately targeted ads as opposed to random ones. However, as they share more personal details than ever – what are they getting in return?

The idea of behavioral targeting is still in its infancy as advertisers navigate the data, technology, and metrics. Check out the article in Brandweek about the future of behavioral targeting, what we are learning from social networks, and how we can leverage community influences to spread our messages.

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