Technology has undoubtedly had a dramatic change on our society. It has given us a new medium of communication that is creating a globally connected world where traditional boundaries mean less and less.

I am continually challenged by Manuel Castells’ book – The Rise of the Network Society. Castells addresses this concept and suggests that there is an increasing fragmentation between the group and individual due to the individual’s quest for self discovery in the midst of feeling lost in a world of incessant change.

We must realize that as a result of the individual’s increased search for identity, new social groups are being formed – made up of unique groups of individuals, all of whom are searching for connectedness based on their newly found identities.

I believe that a community has three goals: hear, understand, respond.

With the rise of social networking websites that are designed to bring people together, there seems to be a lack of meaningful substance lacking. Although these sites are effective at creating new social groups – I strongly believe that they lack a key elements of community – the ability to respond.

I think that the effectiveness of future of communities is directly related to our ability to engage with individuals on a personal level and provide them with meaningful, challenging, and customized content that will engage them and give them a forum to respond – to take action – to change their lives.

It is my passion to create meaningful messages and tools that provide people with the tools the need to hear, understand, and respond.