The Importance Of Baby Steps In UX - Sarah Doody
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The Importance Of Baby Steps In UX

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A few weeks ago I watched the very first Ghostbusters movie. I had never seen it and it was on television when I was visiting my parents one weekend. Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors of all time.

The guy doesn’t even have to open his mouth and I can still be crying from laughing. I have a few friends in NYC who claim he’s shown up at a bar they were in. If that happened to me, my NYC life would be complete!

In the movie What About Bob, Bill Murray’s character, Bob, is a patient of an NYC psychotherapist, Leo Marvin. Bob becomes distraught when Dr. Marvin goes on vacation for a month and so he follows him to a little town in New Hampshire and ends up befriending the Marvin family.

As a strategy to get rid of Bob, Dr. Marvin does many things, but what resonates with Bob most is the idea of Baby Steps … also the title of a recent book Dr. Marvin wrote. Here’s a scene from the movie when Bob learns about baby steps:

The movie is hilarious and if you need a good laugh, I highly recommend it. But, beyond comedic value, I really love the concept of baby steps.

For me, my downfall is projects when I am the client. When I am not the client, I have no problem breaking things down and getting the project done. But when I’m the client, it’s another story.

Case in point, I have a UX research course I’m re-launching soon. I see the finished product in my mind. But I get totally overwhelmed with the details. So, I end up in this start and stop cycle where I get super motivated and then get swallowed by the details. I know that I need to just deal with and write a plan of baby steps. But as with many creative people, we all know that we are our own worst client (wink).

So my goal for this week is to write down the baby steps I need to do in order to get this research course launched because there’s a lot of people on the waiting list! If that isn’t motivation, then I don’t know what is.

I say all this because I know I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed with the big picture.

So, what’s one thing that you need to take baby steps towards this week?

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