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Why The Best Designers Are In A Constant State Of Curiosity

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

On 17, May 2016 | No Comments | In Design, Everyday UX | By Sarah Doody

This week’s photo is from the America’s Cup World Series, which was in NYC on May 7-8th. I honestly didn’t know anything about this sport, but it’s quite impressive from both an athletic and technology perspective. Keep Reading >

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Shaping Visceral User Experiences and the Impact of Software

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

Apple recently unveiled the new operating system, iOS7. Many people were surprised there was no new device, and only new software.

Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) of the New York Times recently wrote an article, Disruptions: Mobile Competition Shifts to Software Design. In the article, Bilton discusses how today, with more than a billion smartphones in market, there is arguably little that can be done to drastically Keep Reading >

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