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Google’s Project:ReBrief Aims to Re-Imagine Digital Advertising

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On 11, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Sarah Doody

I really thought I’d arrived. It was my first day as a web designer at a large software company. I was sitting in my own office (with a window and door!) figuring out what I was supposed to do, and then I got an email. A guy needed me to make him a banner ad … my heart sunk. I had this visceral reaction and thought to myself “I am that person who has to make those tacky banner ads”. I didn’t know that was even a part of my job description. I’d never even made an animated gif in my life! But it was my first day, so I figured it out, and the guy got his banner ads, and many more.

Looking back, the most frustrating part about that experience was feeling like I’d sold out somehow as a designer and storyteller. At the time, I was reading books like Emotional Branding and Ogilvy On Advertising and I was excited about the opportunities that technology was opening up for us to Keep Reading >

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