What if the same amount of creativity and innovation that is applied to creating new products and campaigns was applied to shifting our approach and mindsets and vision of the future. Valerie Casey is trying to inspire and educate the creative community to take a pledge to reduce their organization’s carbon footprints, raise social and environment impact with every client, and start conversations to encourage collaboration in creating sustainable products, services, and businesses.

As an adopter of the accord, all organizations and individuals commit to a code of conduct: Do no harm; Communicate and collaborate; Keep learning, keep teaching; Instigate meaningful change; Make theory action.

Though the movement is still in its infancy, companies such as Adobe, Autodesk, and New Leaf Paper have already signed on. And with the support of these organizations, the movement has spread to countries including Australia, Mexico, and Finland. To learn more about the program, check out the Designer’s Accordas well as their online community where creative organizations and professionals can connect and catalyze innovation around sustainable practices that will change our future.

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