Startup Series - Charming Robot

When I was 27 I moved to NYC to join my first start up. Want to know what our biggest mistake was? First, we tried to figure everything out on our own. Second, we didn’t launch soon enough. Third, our product was anything but “minimal”, I think we actually went for Maximum Viable Product! I know, I know, pretty crazy.

I’m glad I had that experience because it’s helped me have a lot of advice and stories for people as they build their startups and products. I’m super passionate about helping entrepreneurs, founders, designs, developers, and anyone who works at a startup avoid these mistakes. Hopefully, they end up doing a few more things right that we did, and in turn, give their products a greater chance of success.

My friends at Charming Robot, a leading UX Agency in New York City, share this passion for educating people about the product design process. They’ve created an amazing day long event, Startup Series, which will take place on Saturday, May 10 in New York City.

Startup Series is designed to give people an overview of what it really takes to create a great product and business, while learning from people who have done it before.

Who is Startup Series For?

  • Entrepreneurs who are thinking of founding a startup and want to understand the product development process
  • Founders who are already working toward an MVP and want to learn what to do (and not to do) from people who have been through it before
  • Designers who want to become a bit more technically literate
  • Developers who want to understand the product development process and user experience design

What will a Startup Series day be like? 

  • Panels with founders, designers, developers, investors, and moderators who have been through a startup before
  • Talks by experts on branding, user experience design, and social media
  • A chance to meet other entrepreneurs, designs, developers, and startup people who are facing the same challenges as you
  • And you’ll be fed, all the way from breakfast though after event cocktails!  

Why should you attend?

  • This is a great chance to learn from over 15 people from companies including Loverly, Animoto, Barkbox, Grand St, GroupMe, and more. There’s nothing more valuable than hearing the stories of people who have already been through the startup process.
  •  You’ll become literate in all the important elements of a successful product including investing, user experience, design and branding, social media, and technology.
  • Gain a better understanding how to work with developers and designers.
  • Learn what investors are looking for, what questions to anticipate, and how to craft a great pitch.

How much does it cost?

The entire day costs $295. But for readers of my blog, I have a special discount for you that will get you 20% off. Just use the code s0charming when you sign up on Eventbrite.

I think this is a pretty great deal. Just think, you’re learning from over 15 people who are experts in investing, user experience, design, technology, and social media. Imagine how much time and money it would take to have coffee with 15 people!! Plus, you’ll get food and drinks (from breakfast through after event drinks). 

Head over to the Startup Series page on Eventbrite to register today.

PS: I’ll be at the event as well! It would be great to meet some of you and hear what you’re working on during lunch or drinks after the event!