Advice For UX Designers: On Writing, Part 3 – Where To Write

This is part three (here’s part 1 and part 2) on a series about why having a portfolio is not enough and the importance of designers also being writers.

In this series, I’ve been talking about why it’s not enough for user experience designers (or likely any designer) to just show their work work visually. People really want to understand how you think. They want to hear the reasoning behind your design decisions and your unique perspective on the world around you. A great way represent this is through writing.Continue reading

Advice For UX Designers: Part 1 – A UX Portfolio Is Not Enough, Why You Must Write

Advice To Designers: A Portfolio Is Not Enough - You Must Write

There’s a lot of discussion around whether or not UX designers need portfolios. That’s a topic for another day. But I do have opinions about what’s wrong with a lot of UX portfolios.

One observation I have is that thanks to sites like Dribbble, we’re seeing designers post designs perhaps as a way to showcase their skills to other designers … fetching likes and comments on their “artwork”. But, this type of thinking is dangerous because it puts too much emphasis on the interface, on what it looks like, on the end result.

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