One of the hardest things to do is know when to execute on an idea. If you haven’t launched your product or idea yet, then my best advice to you is to just launch it. Stop debating the details. Stop worrying. Stop overthinking it. Just get your idea out there because you can’t test and measure an idea that you haven’t launched yet.

But, if you already have a product launched, then you need extra, extra focus and discipline. Here’s why: launching a product is only the first step. Once your product or feature is launched, you’re only at the bottom of the mountain. You’re only just beginning.

As tempting as it is to pursue all the ideas that come to you, be very, very selective. I have a special list for all my ideas. I am so tempted to act on many of my ideas, but I know they will be a massive distraction and from a business perspective, they will distract me from making money!

I recently asked my followers of the UX Notebook for their feedback on an online community idea I had. There was amazing feedback, but when I evaluate the time it would take, I know it’s bad timing. Why? Because I know that I also have my UX research course, User Research Mastery, that I really need to focus on. It launched, there are 60 students so far, and now I need to really focus on building momentum so that more people can find it and so that my business can make money. But to pull that off, it means I can’t do other things like make an online community or brainstorm the book idea(s) I have.

If your team feels like it’s stuck in a rut and that you aren’t making progress, then consider forcing yourselves to choose one or two things and only focus on those. I’ve been consciously doing this since January and the difference in productivity and actual results is drastic.

So, make a “later list” and force yourself to put all your ideas on it so all your ideas have a home, and so that your business and company can have focus.