3 UX Ideas To Implement Before The End Of The Year - Sarah Doody
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3 UX Ideas To Implement Before The End Of The Year

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A few weeks ago I gave you a two-month countdown to the end of the year. As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy to get frustrated and focus on what you didn’t do this year. But don’t focus on those things.

Instead, change your perspective and choose one or two things you can realistically do before the end of the year. In your job or on your team, identify something that would have a good impact and that you think you can actually do.

By setting small and realistic goals, you’ll finish the year feeling good and you’ll set you and your team up to start 2017 with good momentum.

Here are some ideas for you or your team:

  • Plan and do a usability test with at least 5 people. This is completely do-able. Use an online testing service to get quick feedback. You can literally get feedback within an hour. I don’t recommend this type of testing exclusively, but this is better than no testing.
  • Review your site analytics and identify danger areas. Spend some time looking at the entrance pages, exit pages, and pages people spend the most time on. Hypothesize why people stay or leave and then consider doing A/B tests on those pages to see if you can get them to move further down your purchase / engagement funnel.
  • Do a deep dive of your competitor’s onboarding process. It’s easy to get caught up in your own product and not stay updated about what your competitors are doing. Identify 3 competitors and sign up for their products. Screen shot each step so you can go back and review each step. Take note of the emails they send you and pages they try and get you to go to from those emails. Or do a different part of the experience such as the checkout, or whatever the main user flow is in the product.

No pressure to do all of these, though amazing if you do. But commit to doing at least one of these (or invent your own) before the end of the year. Comment below and tell me what you’re going to do!

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