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Friday Link Pack: August 28, 2015

28th August 2015 by Sarah Doody

Happy Friday!

This week I was in Los Angeles doing a research project for a financial client. Traveling is something I love because I end up having to change my habits and my day to day routine. I’m forced to do things I don’t normally do and figure out problems that don’t come my way in my every day back in New York City.

I have a cool app for you — while in Los Angeles this week, we were driving around doing interviews and we used Waze to help us get around, it’s awesome.

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Friday Link Pack: August 21, 2015

21st August 2015 by Sarah Doody

Happy Friday!

This week I was in Atlanta for a few days doing some usability research for a financial project. I learn so much when I get to watch people use a website.

It’s a good reminder that things we as designers think are obvious, are probably not obvious to the every day user. So, don’t skimp on research because it will make you a better designer.

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How To Balance Inspiration With Innovation

19th August 2015 by Sarah Doody

Picasso famously said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” In product design, we’re always drawing inspiration from others. If I see something I like that another product is doing, I file it in the back of my head as inspiration for later.

But as helpful as inspiration is, there’s danger associated with it.

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