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Everyday UX: Example of Microfeedback at the Dublin Airport

30th January 2015 by Sarah Doody

A few weeks ago I was coming back to New York from a trip to Ireland. It was the holidays so it was quite busy, and let’s just say my carry on was pushing the limits (because I could barely carry it … oops, I had a lot of souvenirs!!) The good news is that my carry on and I made it through.

Going through security at an airport is never what I’d classify as a good user experience. Read more…

Five of my favorite email newsletters making me smarter in 2015

22nd January 2015 by Sarah Doody

I love learning. Thanks to the Internet, learning has become a lot easier. The Internet gives anyone who’s an expert at something the ability to share their knowledge with anyone who finds them. But, a problem I often have is actually finding those great people to learn from.

There are so many “experts” online, that it’s hard to find the needles in the haystack and honestly, it’s downright frustrating sometimes!
Read more…

The CNN Re-Design & The User Experience of Breaking News

9th January 2015 by Sarah Doody

In his book Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan introduced us to the concept of “the medium is the message”.

A pioneer in the study of communication, McLuhan looked at forms of media and the impact they had on the way we used them to spread our messages.

In the context of digital experience, the phrase “the medium is the message” has powerful meaning.
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