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Why Thinking Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Is Critical

21st June 2016 by Sarah Doody

Last weekend I was out at the beach two hours from NYC. To get to the beach I take a bus. You can pay for your ticket in advance or on the bus. There’s a person on the bus that goes down the aisle and collects payment from each of the passengers. As I watched her try to balance in the aisle, I realized it’s a pretty time-consuming process.  While I was sitting on the bus watching her, I had an idea.

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Why Good UX Doesn’t Take Shortcuts

15th June 2016 by Sarah Doody

Last weekend I did a 4-mile race in Central Park and got a new PR (Personal Record). I did it in 30:29 min (so 7:38/ mile average) — I was really happy with that result. What made me even happier was that a year ago I did the same race in 33:10, I was excited to see such improvement.

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Spotting UX Problems In Your Day-To-Day Life

8th June 2016 by Sarah Doody

Last week I challenged you to actively look for problems to solve – whether on your commute, at the airport, in your kitchen, or anywhere you spot something that seems to be broken or lacking in experience.

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