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I’m Sarah Doody, a user experience designer and product strategist in New York City.


I help product teams create products people need (and love). I do this through smart and fast research, prototyping, and experience design.


Check out the services I offer to learn how I can help your product and team. I also publish a weekly UX newsletter to help you think like a designer.


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Create Your Own Product To Learn More About UX

21st March 2017 by Sarah Doody

One question I get asked all the time is, “how do I learn more about UX?” I feel like a broken record sometimes, but I’ll keep saying it … there are problems all around us!!

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Why You Need To Slow Down To Speed Up

15th March 2017 by Sarah Doody

I’m back in NYC after spending some time out in Los Angeles. I got invited to go to a great business event and here’s the big lesson I took away from it …

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.

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Want To Learn About UX? Create Your Own Product.

22nd February 2017 by Sarah Doody

Here’s my big tip of the week … if you want to learn about UX then create your own product.

Yes, I know many of you work on other people’s products — maybe you’re at a big company or, maybe you’re at an emerging startup. And yes, I’m sure you put a lot of careful thought into what you do. But I honestly believe it’s totally different when you are working on your product.

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