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Sarah Doody, UX Designer

Want to create an experience that people love
and use design to grow your business?

I’m Sarah Doody, a passionate entrepreneur and UX designer dedicated to helping you learn to think like a designer and create products people love. I also stay involved in the UX industry through teaching, writing, and speaking.

I work with companies at all stages of product development to help them understand their users through research, establish a product strategy, create a prototype, and design and iterate the full user experience.



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4 Things You Must Do Before You Ask Someone A Question Or Advice

16th August 2017 by Sarah Doody

One of my friends, Tami, is a really great communicator. She doesn’t waste time and she gets to the point. A lot of people could think it’s abrasive or cold to receive an email reply from her that’s only a short sentence. But the truth is, she’s simply being smart with her time and not adding clutter to our already busy lives!

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Validate Your Idea First. Don’t Build Too Fast.

31st July 2017 by Sarah Doody

How do you validate your idea? What happens when you don’t validate your idea?

A friend of mine works in sales and has been watching me slowly venture into the world of online courses. While at lunch a few days ago he said that he wants to start doing online courses as well. I immediately blurted out, “you have no idea how much work it is”.

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There Are No Shortcuts In UX. But Things Do Get Easier.

26th July 2017 by Sarah Doody

Newsflash … nothing is an overnight success.

A lot of people ask me for shortcuts in UX. People want to know tricks and the paint by number way to do something. One thing I know for sure is that there are no shortcuts.

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