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I’m Sarah Doody, a user experience designer and product strategist in New York City.


I help product teams create products people need (and love). I do this through smart and fast research, prototyping, and experience design.


Check out the services I offer to learn how I can help your product and team. I also publish a weekly UX newsletter to help you think like a designer.


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How To Execute On The Things That Actually Matter

8th February 2017 by Sarah Doody

Congrats on making it through the first month of the year. I find it’s always challenging getting back into the rhythm of work. Everyone is so ambitious at the beginning of the year. The risk with this ambition is that everyone gets excited by the big picture, but fails to execute on the things that actually matter.

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How I Prototyped My YouTube Channel

25th January 2017 by Sarah Doody

Thanks so much for checking out my new YouTube channel last week, I can’t believe we’re already over 125 subscribers. I’ll take this as an indication that you like these videos. I have a lot of reader questions in a queue and I’ll be answering them in some upcoming videos.

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Want To Learn To Be A More Effective & Confident Communicator?

19th January 2017 by Sarah Doody

Recently someone asked me a great question …

“What skills have been most influential in my career as a UX designer and entrepreneur?”

And without a doubt, I said, “becoming a more confident communicator”.

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