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Sarah Doody, UX Designer

Want to create an experience that people love
and use design to grow your business?

I’m Sarah Doody, a passionate entrepreneur and UX designer dedicated to helping you learn to think like a designer and create products people love. I also stay involved in the UX industry through teaching, writing, and speaking.

I work with companies at all stages of product development to help them understand their users through research, establish a product strategy, create a prototype, and design and iterate the full user experience.



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Why You Need To Fake It Until You Make It In UX

26th April 2017 by Sarah Doody

I spent almost 4 years living in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of my career. I was young and was fortunate to be hired by a big software company there, so I worked full time and finished school full time. It was a ton of work! But it was awesome to be getting real world experience while I was getting my degree.

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Why Designers Must Be Problem Spotters

18th April 2017 by Sarah Doody

Last week I was in Florida and my flight back was on a horrible travel day. Storms had closed Atlanta airport for a long time. This meant that my flight was overbooked and so the boarding process was quite competitive as everyone tried to get overhead bin space before it all filled up.

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Don’t Get Paralyzed By Your Goals, Launch Something Small

5th April 2017 by Sarah Doody

Welcome to the last day of Q1 2017! At the beginning of the year, I encouraged you to set monthly goals. It’s easy to get distracted when you have a big grand vision in mind. I know I easily get paralyzed by the big picture. I see the vision, but then I get overwhelmed with all the different paths I could take to get there.

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