I’m in the middle of a few huge projects right now. We’re in the wire-frame phase right now, which means I’m making a ton of screens and honestly my brain is totally overwhelmed. So much effort and thought goes into good design.

Good design involves a lot of trial and error. A few times I started down a path, super confident about an amazing idea I had, and then after a while I’d realize that it wasn’t going to work. So frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a game of Jenga orMousetrap – I get so close to thinking I have the solution, and then a roadblock.

When we hit roadblocks, it’s easy to get lazy. There were a lot of times when I wanted to re-use things I’d already tried or not try and come up with a new way to do a certain layout.

But this morning when I was running, the coach said “don’t let fatigue mess up your form”. In running, if you want to run efficiently and almost effortlessly, then you have to master perfect form. Stand tall, open lungs, gentle arms … the moment you get tired, it’s easy to let your form go. But when you’re tired, that’s when you need the efficiency that comes from perfect form.

So, when I was working on the designs, even though I was getting a bit tired and frustrated and was tempted to get lazy and do something I’d done before, I stuck with it and ended up creating stuff our team really liked.

Next time you feel like you’re burned out on what you’re working on, don’t get lazy. Instead, control the variables that are within your reach, and figure out how to keep going.

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