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A complete list of UX resources created by Sarah Doody

I’ve created a ton of UX articles, videos, resources, and courses over the years and chances are, you might not know about everything I offer.

Below I compiled a directory of sorts of all the UX resources I have to offer that might be helpful to your UX career and your team’s productivity and your product’s success.

I have the resources you need whether you are looking to advance your UX career, get more interviews, learn how to do user research, or learn UX techniques.

I split everything up into free and paid things so that it’s super clear and there’s no confusion.

There are sections for user research & product design as well as UX portfolios & career coaching.

User Research & Product Design

Free UX Resources

35 Questions For User Research Interviews – A PDF and 5-day email course that gives you a step by step strategy for user research interviews.

The Ultimate User Research Inteview Checklist – A 65-point checklist and e-mail course for planning and conducting user research interviews, whether remote or in person.

User Research Tips & Tricks Video Playlist – A 10 video playlist of user research tips including: how to convince your boss research matters, guerilla research, and where to find research interview participants.

How To Get Buy In For User Research – This step-by-step framework will help you communicate with your boss, clients, and colleagues about the value of user research.

The UX of User Research Surveys – This article explains why and when you must do user research so that you can be armed with insights to help you make smarter product decisions.

Why You Need Both Usability and Strategy Interviews – This article explains why and when you must do user research so that you can be armed with insights to help you make smarter product decisions.

Tips For Presenting User Research Findings – This article explains why and when you must do user research so that you can be armed with insights to help you make smarter product decisions.

💸 Paid Resources & Services

User Research Mastery Online Course ($999) – In this self paced online course you will learn how to plan, conduct, and make sense of user research interviews and usability testing sessions so you and your team can understand your customers, make smarter product decisions, and grow your business.

UX Audit Of Your Product or Service (Starts at $7,500) – Understand UX flaws of your product or prototype and and get immediate recommendations for change including a screen by screen analysis, prioritized recommendations, and an hour long debrief to discuss the findings.

UX Careers, Portfolios, & Job Interviews

Free UX Resources

Template: UX Case Study Template – Learn how to write detailed UX case studies that answer the questions recruiters and hiring managers want to hear, it’s all inside this Google Doc template and email course.

Template: UX Career Project Diary – Use this Google Doc template to and email course to document your UX projects as you do them. This will make writing case studies and creating your UX portfolio far, far easier!

How To Write A UX Case Study – Learn the exact structure that your UX case study should have so you can explain your process and tell the story.

How To Choose The Format For Your UX Portfolio – Should your UX portfolio be a website, PDF, or on a portfolio platform? Learn the pros and cons of each so you can make the right decision for you.

UX Portfolio Website Template – This template, created for Wix, will help you see exactly how to lay out and structure your UX portfolio website.

Video Playlist: How To Get A Job In UX – This playlist addresses how to create a portfolio without much experience, how to prepare for and ace interviews, how to write UX case studies, as well as teardowns of real-life UX portfolios.

How To Come Up With Sample Projects For Your UX Portfolio – Learn how to generate project ideas for your UX portfolio so you can showcase your skills and the diversity the projects in your UX portfolio.

The Product Of You: Why You Are The Most Important Product You’ll Ever Work On – Learn how to treat your career like a product so you can identify and achieve your UX career goals no matter what stage you’re at.

Paid Resources & Services

UX Career Coaching Program – You must treat your career like an actual product. Learn how to be the CEO of your career, set goals, and actually achieve them with this interactive online career planner and workshop.