We are in an era of immense global change where technology is creating a society that, although it is more connected, its people are arguably discontented because of an overall lack of cultural cohesion and a general sense of dehumanization.

Society is driven by the individual and each person’s unique journey to define themselves and find contentment of self apart from the collective ideas of the global village. This drive for individualism is necessary. However, we must find a way to resurrect the power, passion, and possibility that exists within a community.

In the midst of this postmodern time, a global perspective is emerging that focuses on community rather than the individual – realizing that we do not exclusively think or exist independently of the community with which we immediately identify. In order to design products, services, experiences, and communications that reach today’s society, we must understand both the community and the individual, and the power that each has to influence the other. This understanding can best be achieved by adopting a mindset that design is not limited to a medium, but rather, it is a lifestyle.

Every interaction is an opportunity to glimpse into the secret mysteries of life. We must strive to be students of culture. Our destination is found on the journey during which we obsessively collect ideas and inspirations that help us find innovative methods to nurture community, empower societies, and maximize the experience that each person has who interacts with our designs.

Design is synonymous with change. The beauty of the world we live in lies in our power to influence and mold the environment around us. The blank canvas that lies before us begs for creators and innovators to see the responsibility that is associated with our craft and use our influence to bring positive change to the world.