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Neuroscience Archives – Sarah Doody

What Science Says About The Effect of Stories On Our Brains

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

Storytelling is quite the buzz word right now, and to me, it’s almost reached the level of being cliché. It seems most chatter about storytelling focuses on how to talk about your product to consumers … but I want to go a step further and focus on how storytelling can be applied to our process of creating products.

I know that if a lot of people were to approach their colleagues or bosses about applying tactics from storytelling to the product development process, they wouldn’t get a lot of support. Many people dismiss the idea of storytelling. But the truth is, there is real science that supports the power of stories.

Think about a time when someone told you a story that you just couldn’t stop thinking about — a movie or a book.  Keep Reading >

How To Build Habits Into Your Products

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

I’m really interested in something that I call Personal Metrics – the idea that we can change our behavior and habits through measuring our behavior. Personal tracking is becoming very popular as new technologies and industrial design give way to new methods and devices that can track aspects of our lives. Keep Reading >

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Increase productivity? Forget multi-tasking, try mono-tasking

By: Sarah Doody // Get my weekly UX newsletter

On 08, Jan 2013 | One Comment | In Life, Neuroscience, TED | By Sarah Doody

I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times, you’re in a meeting, someone is called on for input, and then they say “sorry, I was multitasking, can you repeat the question?”. Have you ever gone to the address bar of your browser and then drawn a blank of what URL you were going to type in? Keep Reading >

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