To start off 2013, I thought this video provided two very great lessons to keep in mind throughout the year. Too often, we let our results driven world influence us to give up when things don’t go how we envisioned, when things take longer than we thought, when plans don’t go our way. 

Maybe in our big adult world, we’re growing too impatient and forgetting what it means to practice. Maybe as we’ve become older, we’ve allowed the feelings that small victories bring to be overshadowed as we chase bigger and supposedly more meaningful and fulfilling dreams.

But, maybe we have it all wrong? Maybe there’s something to be said for remembering what it’s like to think like (and be) a child.

I see two simple lessons from this wise little guy, who might be about all but five?!

First, as he says, “just keep practicing“. In our instant results driven world, it can be hard to embrace the uphill climb of learning something new. But, if you just keep practicing, you’ll get the hang of it.

Second, as he says (presumably after actually riding his bike a few feet) “I feel happy of myself”. Take time to celebrate your victories, as small as they may be.



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