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Here are some of my favorite user experience resources.



Originally presented at General Assembly’s UX Date, August 2011



Originally presented at Asbury Agile, October 2013

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Writing For UX Magazine

Why We Need Storytellers At The Heart Of Product Development
Many products encounter a common set of symptoms: over budget, not on timeline, frustrated teams, and scope creep (just to name a few!) In this article I explore how the idea of a product storyteller could help us create better products.
Published April 14, 2011 – UX Magazine

Owning Your Story
Before we focus on how to tell the stories about the products, businesses, and experiences we create, we need to first ensure we are making the right products—creating the right stories and experiences for people to participate in.
Published September 6, 2012 – UX Magazine

The Flâneur Approach to User Experience Design
Being a great user experience designer requires that you have a curious mind. But how can do we this in the information overload world we live in? Turns out the French may have an answer: flâner. Learn why you should be more like a flâner.
Published December 18, 2012 – UX Magazine

A Matter of Character: Knowing Your Users & Their Stories
So how can we rework or move beyond personas? I think it starts with trying to see through the lens of a screenwriter and take time to truly develop characters, and deeply invest in understanding their culture, context, conversations, and challenges.
Published March 21, 2013 – UX Magazine



book-artofinnovationThe Art of Innovation
By: Tom Kelley

book-nowdiscoveryourstrengthsNow Discover Your Strengths
By: Marcus Buckingham

book-ogilvyOgilvy On Advertising
By: David Ogilvy

book-awholenewmindA Whole New Mind
By: Daniel Pink

book-storyEmotional Branding
By: Marc Gobe