Friday Link Pack: Sept 18, 2015 - Sarah Doody
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Friday Link Pack

Friday Link Pack: Sept 18, 2015

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On 18, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In Friday Link Pack | By Sarah Doody

Happy Friday!

A lot caught my eye this week for some design and non design related articles, videos, and products.

The challenge with design is that the learning process is never over. If you want to learn user experience design, let me tell you – there’s no end point. Your education will never be over. You’ll always be learning new techniques, new technologies, new devices.

But in addition to these learning areas, you’ll also be continuously gathering information, inspiration, and ideas in every day life. I’m a sponge for information and my brain is like an encyclopedia of ideas that I draw on constantly when I’m working on projects.

Hopefully these links prove to be inspirational for a project you’re working on now or six months from now. If something sparks your attention, tuck it away for later.

Here’s today’s Friday link pack:

  • is a website that lets you mock up your app or website in a pretty product shot (eg. iPhone in hand, website on laptop at cute coffee shop, etc). This will save you tons of time trying to mock stuff up in Photoshop!
  • Need motivation to work out? Tep is a tamagotchi like app that will encourage you to stay active. Get ready to get addicted – I was addicted to my little tamagotchi when I was in high school!

That’s all for this week! Have a fantastic weekend!

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