Friday Link Pack: August 7, 2015 – Sarah Doody - Sarah Doody
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Friday Link Pack

Friday Link Pack: August 7, 2015

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On 07, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In Friday Link Pack | By Sarah Doody

Hope you’ve had a great week. I’m on the mend after having surgery a few weeks ago. So I’ve had a lot of time to do some catching up on reading, browsing, and learning.

I love sharing a lot of my inspirations and learnings in my weekly UX newsletter. But, there’s so much I don’t put in the newsletter because I don’t want to bombard you! So, I’m starting a series on the blog that I’ll post every Friday. It’ll be a little roundup of links to things I’ve found interesting. Some of it will be UX related, while others will be simply things that caught my eye because I draw inspiration from so many experience, places, and industries.

So, here’s this Friday’s link pack:

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That’s all for this week! Have a fantastic weekend.


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