Friday Link Pack: August 15, 2015 - Sarah Doody
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Friday Link Pack

Friday Link Pack: August 15, 2015

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On 14, Aug 2015 | No Comments | In Friday Link Pack | By Sarah Doody

Happy Friday! This week the big news is about how Google is restructuring the company under a new parent company called Alphabet.

The big take away with this move is that Serge and Larry have big big plans beyond Google as we know it.

Don’t worry, Google will stay as it is. But Alphabet becomes a home for focusing in other industries. I’m most exited about the potential for the health care industry. Google already branched into this last with their contact lenses with the potential to monitor blood sugar levels of diabetics. But my best guess is that this is only snatching the surface.

Here’s today’s Friday link pack:

  • Design is actually good for your health, no really! This Fast Company article is about 5 gorgeous hospitals that show how good design can improve patient’s lives.
  • Feel like you’re going through a quarter life or mid life crisis? Here is some life advice that the President of Y Combinator put together upon turning 30.
  • Are you a sole person trying your company to understand the value of UX? Then you have to read this, Survival Skills For The Lone UXer.
  • This short video explains why drawing is critical to becoming a great communicator and influencer.
  • Want to learn more about product development? Check out Femgineer’s You Tube Channel for interviews with founders of ProductHunt, Olark, and more. And no, Femgineer is not just for women.
  • Know what I’m loving this summer? Tattoos … temporary ones of course! One of my inspirations, @swissmiss created Tattly a few years ago and they just celebrated their fourth birthday!

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That’s all for this week! Have a fantastic weekend.


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